To all registered S.D.T.T.A registered players

Firstly I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR and one in which you enjoy your Table Tennis in S.D.T.T.A.

 Please find attached entry forms (in two different formats) for next year's Annual Tournaments.  Yes I am am a bit early, however it is important that you consider early action, especially as despite a similar early issue last year I still had to remind some up to the last minute.  We are continuing with the new format introduced last year, which was tried as an attempt to finish the Sunday event at a reasonable time, which we achieved, finishing before 6:30 p.m.

  Main Changes were
  1.     Restricting the Open Singles to the First 64 entries
  2.     Restructuring the maximum number of events that can be entered to 64   
  3.     Playing the Veterans Singles as a straight knock-out
  4.     Commencing play (with the Open Singles) at 8:30 a.m. 
    I'm emphasising these changes, in particular 1. above as this could easily affect those who dawdle and result in them not getting an entry in the main event
    If you want a hard copy of the entry form, please let me know
   Please also take note of the qualification requirements.  You may not yet have reached these, but if you expect to do so before the closing date then get your form completed now.
    Also for the Senior event note the special offer, it can save you money
    For those of you who haven't entered before we can promise you an interesting day out , at a well run tournament with a lot of table tennis.  We also have Bribar in attendance with a trade stall, very good value                 
        Refreshments available (including bacon rolls)
    So come along and join us, even if only as a spectator.
Colin Wiles
General Secretary

P.S.  Just a couple of reminders for the league

The last date for registration of any new players is 31st January 2019

Also the maximum number of times a player can play up is 4 before having to stay up
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