Latest Committee meeting re possible start of new season

Hi all.  The committee have been having regular monthly meetings, via Zoom, throughout the lockdown period, whilst we keep abreast of the situation which prevents normal table tennis activities. These includes statements from Table Tennis England. In our meeting last night we discussed the welcoming news that vaccinations are resulting in encouraging news of resumption of normal activities, even though these may be some time off yet. Clearly we are forbidden from normal league matches for a while yet which may be April, May or onwards. We discussed the possibilities of completing last year’s cup competition and starting a new 2021 competition, maybe also reintroducing the consolation cup also with a round robin approach to the start. Clearly again as we thought a start date of say in May may not be possible either by government decisions or whether members will actually wish to risk. Clearly to resume normal league activities is likely to be delayed until our normal start dates in September / October , which even then may be doubtful.

It is very likely that this virus will remain for years as others have done in the past but hopefully the vaccinations will reduce the risk to all to a much more manageable level such as with the common flu.

Anyway the reason why we are making the statement is really to gauge what you all think. It is possible that some may not wish to resume playing at all. Obviously it is impossible for everyone to clearly say one way or the other until we all have a much clearer idea of the outcome of the vaccinations and the decline of the numbers affected but it would be useful to know what  the general feelings are. Clearly we all wish resumption of the game we enjoy but only if safe to do so for ourselves , families and friends, and of course others .

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