In a fairly tense evening Kings took an early lead to go three to one up. St. Albans  managed to find a mere ten points over six legs in the next two games to level the match at three all.  Legs equal and with only a few points separating the two sides, there was all to play for. The small spectator crowd enthused the atmosphere with spontaneous applause as the next two games were played out.  Five of the eight games played went to three legs and the whole final was played in good spirit.



Recent past Shield winners have all taken a  tumble out of  the groups in this season's  competition. Into the knockout come newcomers Kidston, Ellenborough and Digswell. These each being well represented; while Adeyfield makes an appearance again. Just to reiterate:
No knocked out team player can join another team still in the competition as they are cup tied to their original side. While previously not selected club members with a rating are valid.

N.B. There are now no drawn matches. Those that finish as a draw 4.5 : 4.5 go to a count back;  firstly on legs, then if that fails to find a winner, every point is added up including the handicap for each side to determine most points!  Please take a calculator with you.
If the ten thousand to one comes up, then the side with the lowest combined ratings goes through!!  After that?? The toss of a coin !!
 V V V - Unfortunately a few teams withdrew during the group matches which led me to withdraw matches already played to keep the competition fair W/O did not seem right.
 So Here is the draw, which I had no part of - My wife drew the numbers  so we could  press on with competition.






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