DIVISION 2 – 11.02.18 – DAY 4


After three meetings Teen & 20 remained top of the table on 24 with Leigh C just one behind on 23.   Darenth C had 17, Leigh D 15, Halstead A seven and Bromley Common A four.

Round 7

There was only one close result in this Round and that was the match between Teen & 20 (Graham Barnes/Nick Smith) and Darenth C (Steve New/Thomas Arnott) though the 5-0 scorelines were a bit closer than that might suggest.

Teen & 20 got off on the right foot with Barnes beating New in four games having dropped the second.   Arnott and Smith fought out a close set where Arnott managed to hold Smith off 13-11 in the third.   The doubles could have gone either way and Darenth certainly had their chances.   It was an excellent set to watch with some quite remarkable “gets” being made by all, 14-12, 8-11, 9-11, 11-5, 11-9 gives some indication.   The reverse singles were shared Barnes defeating Arnott while New was given a run for his money by Smith, struggling initially to control the ball and going 0-2 down before regrouping and eventually pulling through 11-7 in the fifth.

The Leigh D (Dan Powley/Dave Cowlen) and Leigh C (Michelle McGovern/Silvia Trenti) derby produced some very fast paced play and was much closer than the 5-0 result would indicate.   Three sets went the distance and the other two required a fourth game.   Mc Govern got the better of Powley in four to get the C on the right track but the left hander Trenti really had her work cut out with Cowlen.   Having dropped the first 11-13, Cowlen recovered to take the next two 12-10, 11-9.  Trenti regrouped and turned the set around in five.   The ladies added the doubles in four to their tally but the reverse singles were absolute crackers, both requiring a deciding game.   Trenti was 2-1 up on Powley who then found some ploys she didn’t like to level but Trenti doesn’t hold back, always going for her shots and she stuck to her task to take it 11-5.  McGovern was likewise fully extended by Cowlen who took the first two games.   McGovern found the answers and took the next three to make it a clean sweep for the C.   The D team boys might just feel that they could have got a couple of points though.

The bottom of the table clash between Halstead A and Bromley Common A saw Alex Clarke deputising for Ted Tydeman alongside Alan Johnson against David Walkley and Stuart Inglis for Bromley Common who were very much in need of a boost.   They bagged a maximum haul but there were several games decided on deuces – the opening set being typical with Walkley hauling back a couple of big deficits against Clarke to take it 11-5, 12-10, 12-10.   The doubles needed a fourth game and Clarke pinched a game from Inglis, only just losing the fourth 10-12, but it was five in the bank for Bromley Common A.

Leigh C on 28 had thus crept ahead of Teen & 20 on 27.   Darenth C had increased their tally to 19 with Leigh D on 15.   Bromley Common A on nine had moved ahead of Halstead A on seven.

Round 8

Darenth C (New/Arnott) were once again involved in a close-run match, this time with Leigh D (Cowlen/Powley).   New got Darenth away well with a straight games win over Cowlen and it looked as if Arnott would do the same with Powley but Powley clung on to take the third, fourth and eventually the fifth 12-10 to level things up.   Darenth won the doubles in four to take the lead but Cowlen brought the match back to parity with a four game win over Arnott.   Thus it was down to Powley and New to settle the outcome.   New didn’t allow Powley to settle and dominated the set from the word go to make it a 3-2 victory for Darenth C.

Teen & 20 (Barnes/Smith) were back on track against Halstead A (Johnson/Clarke) banking a maximum five though two sets required a fourth game.

The Leigh C ladies McGovern and Trenti ran off with the first two sets against Bromley Common A, not allowing Walkley or Inglis a look in.   The doubles was a different matter and went to a fifth game but it was still a 3-0 lead for Leigh.   They took both the reverse singles although Trenti had to make some adjustments after losing the first to Walkley and needed a fourth game to make it a clean sweep.

Leigh C therefore had taken the lead from Teen & 20 and were one point ahead on 33.   Darenth C have 22 and Leigh D 17.   Both should be safe in mid table with these totals but a maximum 10 points at the last meeting for either Halstead A or Bromley Common A might just throw a spanner in the works if Darenth C and Leigh D don’t pick up a couple of points.


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