Division 1

Winners           Drax Hurricanes    

Runners-up     Thorpe Cobras

Congratulations to Drax Hurricanes on winning Div 1 with a total of 138 points followed by Thorpe Cobras with 128 points. Both teams achieved 16 wins and only 2 losses, however Hurricanes managed 10 more games wins to secure the title.

Drax Spitfires are relegated to Div 2 after a season long battle with next placed Drax Tornadoes, only losing by 5 points.

Division 2

Winners            SWMC 'B'

Runners-up      Drax Mosquitoes

Congratulations to SWMC 'B' on winning Div 2 with an impressive 146 points winning 17 out of their 18 matches. Drax Mosquities achieved 116 points pushing the winners all the way.

SWMC 'B' are promoted to Div 1.

Well done to all who participated. I think you will agree it's been a fantastic season!

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