National Cadet League

National Cadet League

Scarborough A are currently joint top of the National Cadet League, Northern Region played at Ormesby, Middlesbrough. Scarborough B are in 9th place out of twelve teams.

The mainstay of the A team are Moke and Sam who have currently won 23/24 and 24/24 matches respectively. In reality the two Scarborough players are the best players in the competition so their records win record is no surprise. Mia, who played in the first weekend for the a team won 8/12. She had some very good wins and was 8/9 until the last match against a strong Cumbria side.

With Mia unavailable for the second weekend the A team called upon players from the B team. Livvy played in the first match and she did very well to win two matches. In the second and third matches Ryedale player Toby Crusher stepped in. He helped Scarborough A to a 9-0 win, but was unable to record a win against Bishop Auckland A, with Scarborough winning 6-3.

In the final match of the second weekend the other Ryedale player, Nick Bowes joined the A team and he duly added 3 wins to help the team to a 9-0 win.

For the B team Daniel, Louis and Livvy all played really well. All three won several of their matches and Livvy played very well winning 5/9 and also losing 3 matches in the fifth set.

The competition has two more weekends to go in the new year. Scarborough A will have an important game against Darlington A with whom they are level at the top.

Table                                                  Pts

Darlington A                                     63

Scarborough A                                63

Northumbria                                    57

Bishop Auckland A                          55

Ormsby I                                           51

Darlington Dolphins                       33

Bishop Auckland B                          31

Ormesby II                                       28

Scarborough B                               25

Darlington B                                    20

Darlington C                                     3

Bishop Auckland C                          2


Written by Martin Lowe


Author: via Scarborough Table Tennis League
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