Scarborough Closed

SCARBOROUGH CLOSED - SATURDAY 4th March starting at 10.00am

Closing date for entries - 27th February (late entries will not be accepted)

The STTA Committee have decided to separate division one from divisions two and three

Players may enter the following events:

1 CLOSED, HANDICAP, HARD BAT SINGLES for players registered for division one teams

2 CLOSED, HANDICAP, HARD BAT SINGLES for players registered for division two and three teams

3 VINTAGE (OVER 55 years of age) ALL divisions

4 SELECTED DOUBLES (Best of three sets with duece)

Players will be drawn from all three divisions. Partners will be chosen by the committee. Higher ranked players will be paired with lower ranked players

*Players must register with the organiser by 9.55am

*All players must wear non white clothing and suitable footwear

* The opening round of the closed and handicap will be run on a round robin format

*Round robin matches will be three sets (no duece)

*All three sets must be played in the round robin for handicap purposes

*Top two players qualify for next round

*The latter stages of the closed will be over five sets (with duece)

*The latter stages of the handicap will still be over three sets (no duece)

*Players handicaps will be given out on the day (based on current averages)

*Hard bat competition will be run as a k/o, best of three sets (no duece)

*Qualification - players must have completed FOUR league matches

*Hard bats will be provided by the STTA

*Entry fee will be £7 for each competitor



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