Winner:  Breamore Otters     R/U   CV Kites


Winner:  Woodford Stoats   R/U  SN Tigers

Handicap Cup Semi Finals

Breamore Otters   beat   Breamore Badgers

   CV Kites    beat   Breamore Bees


Handicap  Plate Semi Finals

Woodford Stoats    beat   CV Falcons    

SN Tigers  v  Redlynch Rhinos




     Home Team                         Away Team

      Breamore Otters    beat     Breamore Foxes

     Breamore Badgers    beat    CV Condors  

     Breamore Bees     beat    Redlynch Rooks

     CV Kites    beat    CV Eagles  



    CV Falcons    beat   South Newton Cougars

   Woodford Stoats    beat    Woodford Wolves

   South Newton Tigers     beat   Redlynch Ravens 

   Redlynch Rhinos    v    Bye




      South Newton Cougars   -  504            Breamore Otters  - 510

      Chalke Valley Falcons    -   441             Breamore Foxes   -   449

     Woodford Stoats        conceded to             Chalke Valley Condors

      Breamore Badgers  -  659              Woodford Wolves  -  586

     Breamore Bees    -   525                 South Newton Tigers   -   431

     Redlynch Ravens    conceded                             Redlynch Rooks

      Chalke Valley Eagles          beat            Redlynch Rhinos

      Bye                                       v.             Chalke Valley Kites



NB.  A player may only play for one team for the duration of the Handicap competition .  

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