STTA Rules for Team Competitions.


Drawn up under rule 7.2 of the Salisbury Table Tennis Association.


1.   All competitions shall be administered by the Team Competitions Secretary.

2.   All teams playing in the league shall be deemed to have entered these competitions.

3.   Only those players nominated (and later registered) for the team prior to the start of the season, shall be eligible to play in the competitions. In exceptional circumstances, the Team Competition Secretary may give permission for a change to the nominated players during the course of the competition, provided such permission is sought at least seven days before the fixture involved.  The Team Competition Secretary shall inform the opposing team prior to the date of the fixture.

4.   No player shall play for more than one team during the

Competition.  The Senior & Tigers Shield count as one competition for the purpose of this rule.  The same applies to the Handicap Cup & Plate.

5.   The initial rounds of the competitions must be played by the end of the week allocated in the fixture chart.  The Team Competition Secretary will set the date by which the later rounds shall be completed.

6a. The first drawn team in a draw shall be the home team and is responsible for arranging the fixture with their opponents.

 b. During the earlier rounds, the match will normally be played during the week allocated in the fixture chart, on the home team’s usual night. It is the responsibility of the home team to check that there is no clash of fixtures (e.g. With another team in the same club) and to confirm the match date with the away team.

 c.  During the later rounds (or if an early round match cannot be played

on the home team’s usual night) the home team shall offer the away team at least 3 dates not less than one week ahead.

7.   Failure to play any match by the set date (unless the away team concedes) will result in the home team being fined the standard fine.

8.   Each home team will be provided with a score card and must return the completed card to the Team Competition Secretary, David Chalk, either by hand, posted by first class, or by email (with copies to Gill & Malcolm) within 24 hours of the match being played.  Failure to comply with this rule may entail a fine not exceeding the standard fine.

9.   The home teams in the semi-finals shall inform the Team Competition Secretary of the date and venue of their matches at least one week in advance.

10.   Finals shall be played on a neutral table (unless the Team Competition Secretary and both team captains agree otherwise) at the expense of the teams involved, under the direction of the Team Competition Secretary.

11.   Except as otherwise provided by these rules, all matches shall be played in accordance with the laws of table tennis (as approved by Table Tennis England.)


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