Mick Carter

This is mainly a note to let you all know that Mick Carter has decided that age has caught up with him at last and he has decided that he will not be playing table tennis again.  Teams new to the league will not have met Mick but almost everyone else will know him well.  Mick started playing in the Ryedale League in 1961 immediately after finishing National Service and he still managed to play two matches for my team at the start of the ill-fated 2020-21 season and won all six of his matches so he finished on a high.  Fortunately, Mick is still able to play the rather more sedate sport of croquet regularly and remains a keen dominoes player.  We all wish him well in his retirement from table tennis and hope he continues to enjoy his other pursuits for many years to come.


League fixtures begin next week on 27 September.  Have a good season and enjoy your table tennis.  Don't forget that there are no team fees payable this year either to RTTL or to the Yorkshire Table Tennis Association to which we are affiliated.  We did asked that teams make a small voluntary contribution to RTTL funds in support of the late Ken Pidgeon who died on 1 August this year.  RTTL donated £100 to the charity nominated by Ken and if you feel able to contribute to RTTL funds in Ken's memory this would be much appreciated.  A sum of £5 a team is what we suggest.  Cheques made out to RTTL should be sent to Jean Wardman, League Treasurer, whose details are on the website.

Regards to all

Alan Kirkwood



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