Geoff Cawthorne


Sad news I'm afraid in that I have to inform you of the death of our recently retired past President Geoff Cawthorne after a short illness. Geoff during the 1960's and 70's before moving to Lincolnshire was the Deputy Manager at the Nat West Bank and was a member of the formidable Banks 'A'  team along with Ron Wain and Alan Hudspith. Geoff was a pen holder and a bit of a wham bang player on the basis of serve, return, hit and if it came back hit it again. Always seriously competitive no matter who he was playing he didn't enjoy losing, though it has to be said he was always gracious in defeat, with perhaps a bit of chuntering under his breath. Geoff would organise the annual Dinner inviting  guest speakers from the local sporting world, such Jack Charlton of Leeds Utd and the Yorkshire cricketer Geoff Cope to mention a couple. On moving to Gainsborough on promotion Geoff never forgot his roots with Ryedale Table Tennis returning each year to attend the TT Dinner, whilst his car got serviced. For many years he was our President, a role he carried out with pride, stepping down only a few years ago as age started to catch up with him. He will be dearly missed.  

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