RTTC 2018 Championships

Rugby Club Championships    Sunday 23rd September

As the hot dry weather of the summer starts to fade from the memory it signals` one thing`, and `one thing only`, the start of the new table tennis season. To usher in this new term we staged our own championships. Six match tables, two nationally accredited umpires, fresh hot food, our own awards for last season`s performances and a brief and always informative address from the Chairman.

We featured a pre-paired doubles event where all partnerships were equal (well as equal as possible), a seeded singles event split into two bands, a single point `shoot out`, a ladies singles and an age restricted cadet and junior singles. From 10.00 to 4.30 balls were topspun, backspun and sidespun in a flurry of activity with only the occasional intermission for ham and cheese toasties (sausage rolls if your name is Sam) and lemon cake.

Some` twenty odd` players enjoyed the chance for a final pre-season practice and the opportunity to challenge the best players in the club. It was clear from the reactions of those present it was a good day both in terms of table tennis and also the social aspect of being a club member. I strongly urge those who did not play to watch out for details of any future competitions of this type and be part of the day. I have not commented on the results as they are published in full on the website. I do however offer my personal congratulations to Adrian and Ryan who played out an excellent final in difficult conditions with the sunlight streaming across the table.

In conclusion my thanks to all the players, scorers and official umpires of the final three matches, caterers and, in particular, Jo who pre-planned and ran the entire event. I would welcome any comments from club members present and those unable to attend as to future competitions and how we might structure them (for instance would you like a handicap singles).

Have a good season everybody.

Martyn Lilley (Club Chairman)

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