Rotherham Advertiser 16th October

In Division Two of the Rotherham Table Tennis League L.S.M. B, with two defeats from three, were playing against Scorpions D, with three defeats from three. So this one would be pretty close and could be very important in the grand scheme of things at the lower end of the table. Ali Nadzafalijevs set the night off against Dave Sayner and the former’s defensive style of play was too much for Sayner losing in four games. John Bradshaw redressed the balance with a comfortable win over Pete Smith. Shaun Isam then hit back and saw off Ray Brooks in three games. Then the first massive set of the evening as Smith played Sayner. Sayner won the first game but Smith fought back to win the next two and then only just lost the fourth 13-15. So that made it two a piece. Syaner proved too strong in the decider and pinched it 11-8. Match score 2-2. Two more sets shared made it 3-3 just before the doubles. Nadzafalijevs and Smith played Sayner and Brooks. First game to L.S.M., next to Scorpions. Another to Scorpions. Fourth to L.S.M. Final game and a crucial set in the match. L.S.M. fought hard and just took it 11-8 to give them a 4-3 lead in the match. Smith then lost easily to Brooks so L.S.M. had the first point. Isam was not going to allow the match to slip away and he defeated Sayner in a long battle winning 11-8n in the fifth game. Last set of the night between Nadzafalijevs and Bradshaw. Two easy games to Bradshaw 11-2 and 11-3 but Nadzafalijevs managed to sneak the third 15-13. However Bradshaw showed his determination and took the fourth to win the set and seal a win for L.S.M. in the match.


However, when Scorpions F met Phoenix D both teams were undefeated with Phoenix dropping just the one point from a draw. So who would lose their record if anyone? The first match was the battle of the Club Secretaries as Stuart Element took on Chris Johnson. First game to Johnson then Element hit back with two. Johnson levelled it and then a titanic battle in the fifth and deciding game which went all the way to 19-17 to Johnson. 1-0 Scorpions. John Hallgarth beat Gary Cooper easily in three and Barry Tasker took another for Scorpions against Ron Vaughan in four. Johnson won another close one and Tasker also defeated Element to make it 4-1 to Scorpions. Looking dicey for Phoenix at this stage. Vaughan hit back to beat Cooper but the doubles went against them and so Scorpions had the first point of the night. Tasker played Hallgarth next. The latter won the first but then Tasker sailed away winning the next three dropping only 5 points in total. Match to Scorpions. The end result was 7-3 and so Scorpions maintained their record whilst Phoenix dropped to their first defeat of the season.


In Division One Phoenix B team proved that they are still in the running for a title challenge with a 10-0 whitewash over their club opposition Phoenix C. And Scorpions A also overcame their own B team, not quite a whitewash but still a convincing win 9-1. The only failure being the doubles.


Meanwhile in Division Three Francis Lovell, Richard Proctor and Peter Cox saw off Scorpions K 8-2. The only success for Scorpions was a brace from up and coming junior Alex Selway.

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