Rotherham Advertiser Report Week Eight

Sport For All Ages

Two matches in the lower division of the Rother Valley Table Tennis League proved that the sport is no barrier to any age. In the match between Clifton E and Scorpions I the 158 years combined age of the three players from Clifton whitewashed the mere 32 years of the three juniors from Scorpions. Steve Naylor, Richard Proctor and Peter Cox being the victors. If that was not remarkable enough, Phoenix E’s Joyce Fox, Gerald Horsfield and Bob Vickers had 196 years more experience than the 29 years of Scorpions J and won by the same 10–0, earning two valuable points in the bottom half of the division. Watch out though because those six youngsters are future stars of the sport.

At the top of the division came the first meeting of Phoenix F and Scorpions G, both with a 100% record up to this point. On the night Maurice Druce, Steve Richardson and Harry Smith were simply too strong for Scorpions winning 6-4 on the night.

Mason Arms A continue their pressure on the leaders with a 10-0 win over Clifton A. James Houghton, Mick Foster and Mick Brooks putting in their usual consistent performances.

The most surprising result of the week came as Scorpions E finally moved off the bottom of the division with an 8-2 win over Phoenix C. Scorpions had not picked up a point before this match and Phoenix had not dropped one so this result came right out of the blue in this re-arranged fixture. Stuart Element scored twice for Phoenix but it was not enough to stop Ali Nadzafalijevs, Stuart Foers and Pete Smith romping home winners. 

The week also saw a clash between the top two teams, Phoenix C again involved, this time with Clifton C. In a match that went the distance, Mohammed Arshid and Chris Thompson had the closest encounter with all five games going to 9 or deuce, Thompson eventually pinching it. The doubles proved crucial too with Stuart Element and Alan Joyce just taking it 9 in the fifth over Terry Curran and Jim Pugh. Clifton led 4-2 but Phoenix pulled back to go 5-4 in front. The final match went Clifton's way when Pugh sealed a hat-trick, defeating Element, the latter’s only loss of the night.

This month sees the first round of the Habershon Cup. This is a knock-out competition for all teams in the League. The full draw for this is: 

Clifton B             v      Clifton D

Clifton E             v      Scorpions A

Scorpions C                v      Stag B

Bye                   v      Scorpions E

Phoenix D          v      Mason Arms B

Clifton A             v      Mason Arms E

Mason Arms C     v      Scorpions I

Phoenix E           v      Mason Arms A

JSM                   v      Phoenix A

Clifton C             v      Bye

Scorpions F         v      Scorpions J

Scorpions B                v      Phoenix C

Scorpions H                v      Stag A

Scorpions D        v      Mason Arms D

Phoenix F           v      Phoenix B

Scorpions K                v      Scorpions G

The 2014-2015 season also sees the re-introduction of the Micklethwaite Pairs Knock-out Cup competition. This is for teams of two players. The first round takes place over the month of November.

Bye                           v      S. Arliss/P. Morgan j

A. Battye/A. Selway     v      A. Saxton/H. Saxton

D. Asher/M. Foster       v      Bye

Bye                           v      A. Truman/J. Truman

G. Bailey/T. Lingard     v      S. Element/A. Joyce

J. Houghton/M. Brooks v      Bye

R. Drayton/R. Horsfield v      R. Element/J. Hudd

Bye                           v      W. Ward/C. Scott

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