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Romford & District

Table Tennis League Rules

1.  Title, Object, Constitution and Affiliation

a)         The League shall be called ‘The Romford and District Table Tennis League and its objects            shall be to arrange and conduct competitions and championships between clubs and players   and generally promote the sport in every way. 

b)         The League shall consist of as many Divisions as deemed necessary by the Management    Committee. 

c)         In order to be eligible for admission to the League, a Club must have its headquarters within a      reasonable distance of Romford, and must have a venue complying as far as possible with

      Table Tennis England rules together with adequate lighting, floor and runback.

            Note: Reasonable latitude will be allowed in the interpretation of this condition, but the table       must conform to standard measurements.

d)         All Clubs shall be affiliated through the League to Table Tennis England and         the Essex         County Table Tennis Association (E.C.T.T.A).

e)         The rules of Table Tennis England and the E.C.T.T.A shall be deemed to be incorporated in

      these rules, unless inconsistent there with, when the rules of the League shall take preference.

2.         Administration

a)         The Officers of the League shall consist of President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. General     Secretary, Hon. Asst. General Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Divisional Secretary,

            Hon. Asst. Divisional Secretary, Hon. Match Secretary, Hon. Secretary for Junior

      Affairs, Hon. Publicity Officer and Hon. Social Secretary. 

b)         For the general administration and government of the League, a Management Committee shall be formed each year consisting of the above Officers together with two other members and a       Minutes Secretary (if appointed). This Committee shall have the power to expel players or   Clubs found guilty of flagrant breaches of these rules.  In the case of League or Championship      disputes, it shall form the court of appeal when such occasion arises.  Five members of the     Committee are required to form a quorum. 

c)         All Officers, Vice-Presidents other than those holding life office, Committee Members and two   Auditors shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

d)         The funds of the League shall generally be kept at a bank.

e)         All withdrawals must bear the signatures of two of the following Officers: Chairman,

            Hon. General Secretary or Hon. Treasurer.

f)         The financial year of the League shall end on May 31st and the Treasurer's report and audited      accounts shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting

3.         Subscriptions and Application for Membership

a)         All Clubs shall pay an Annual Subscription, as determined at the Annual General Meeting, for      each team entered into the League plus any additional Table Tennis England and E.C.T.T.A.

      fees. Each New Club shall also pay a deposit of £5.00 upon joining the League which shall be       

      returnable subject to the satisfactory completion of its League programme.  However, where

      a deposit is forfeited by a Club, as directed by the Management Committee, a new deposit shall   

      be payable by that Club on re-entering the League.  The full amount of the Annual Subscription

      and any additional Table Tennis England and E.C.T.T.A. fees together with any fines levied by

      the League and any deposit due must be paid by the 25th August each year. 

b)         All applications for membership of the League must be made in writing to the Hon. General         Secretary on or before July 15th of each year and approved by the Management Committee.

4.         Annual General Meeting

a)         The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than June 30th, at least three weeks' notice being given to Clubs. 

b)         All members have the right to attend the Annual General Meeting but only one delegate from  each Club entered in the League shall have voting powers.

c)         Any Club not represented at the Annual General Meeting shall be fined £10.00.

5.         Special General Meeting

a)         A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Management Committee should they             consider it necessary or within fourteen days of receipt by the Hon. General Secretary of a     written application for such a meeting from at least one third of the affiliated Clubs.

b)         Voting shall be as for the Annual General Meeting

6.         Alteration to Rules

a)         No alteration to these Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a    Special General Meeting held in accordance with Rule 5.

b)         Proposals for alterations to these rules must be made in writing to reach the Hon. General Secretary by March 31, or with written application forwarded in accordance with Rule 5. All   proposals so received shall be circulated to all Club Secretaries by April 21 and amendments or alternative proposals dealing with the same subject matter shall be accepted for consideration     by the A.G.M. if submitted in writing and received by the Hon. General Secretary not later than May 7.

c)         All suggested alterations to rules shall be notified to Club Secretaries by the Hon. General            Secretary at least 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting or with the letter calling a  Special General Meeting.

7.         Fixtures and Rule Book

All fixtures shall be arranged by the Management Committee and distributed to Club Secretaries in an electronic format via an email file together with a URL link to the TT365 Romford web-site. The email file and URL link will provide/allow access to the following; a list of Club details, Tables for Matches Dates and Draw/Home Nights. The URL link will also allow access to the Romford League Rule Book. 

It will be the responsibility of Club Secretaries to ensure that all their members, playing in the League, are provided with either a printed copy of the Fixtures information or the URL so as to ensure players are aware they have a web access option. In addition, all players should be made aware of the URL link to access the Romford League Rule Book. Any issues being raised to the Committee as a result of lack of knowledge of the Rules will weaken that case for consideration by the Committee.  

8.         Method and Conditions of Play

a)         The League Competition shall consist of three players per team.  Teams shall letter their players before the commencement of the match, not necessarily in order of playing strength.  Each team shall play 10          ties (9 singles and 1 doubles), best of 5 games as follows:-

Home Team

Away Team




























Doubles Pair


Doubles Pair

            Matches must be played to a finish.  One point shall be awarded to a team for each event won,     thus:

            Result            10-0=winners 10 points, losers 0

                                    9-1=winners   9 points, losers 1

                                    8-2=winners   8 points, losers 2 and so on. 

b)         The games shall be played in accordance with the Rules adopted by Table Tennis England.

c)         Matches shall start not later than 7.45p.m. and either team shall have power to call on the opposite team to start the match at this time.  Any players not being present at this time, unless  mutually agreed by both Captains before the commencement of the match, shall be deemed     absentees and the team short of the regulation number of players shall forfeit the full number    of ties the absentee or absentees would have played in that match. 

d)         Where it is impossible to complete the whole of the match, the full facts, together with the known score must be submitted by both Club Secretaries within 48 hours to the Hon.

      Divisional Secretary. 

e)         Matches must be played on the dates shown in the League Fixtures Book unless prior permission has been granted by the Hon. Divisional Secretary. However matches can be

      brought forward and played earlier than the scheduled date but the card must be clearly marked

            “Match brought forward”.  Normally, permission shall only be granted to postpone matches by the Hon. Divisional Secretary on the following grounds:-

                (i)     A regular playing member of a team being required by England, Essex or                                                                            Romford on the same night as the league fixture.

          (ii)          Club premises not being available. In the event of a cancellation the home side shall                                   contact the away side and offer two alternative dates (Saturday or Sunday may only                                           offered by agreement of the away side.) Away teams must receive a week's notice of the                             first playing date offered. No date shall be later than two weeks after the end of the                                         league programme. In the event of any team not fulfilling an engagement in accordance                            with the foregoing its opponents shall be awarded the match and ten points.

        (iii)           Whilst the above mentioned rules still apply it was decided that some relaxation was                                             necessary and at the A.G.M. held on 24 June 2008 the following amendment was                                      adopted for future use: This rule allows every team to have one postponement in each                               half of the season. Postponements must be agreed by both team captains and if                                                             agreement cannot be reached then the match must be played on the scheduled date.

                 In addition the Hon. Divisional Secretary must be notified beforehand and confirmed by                                email or letter of explanation giving details of the agreeing captain and the new date.

                                    If confirmation is not received by the Hon. Divisional Secretary then the  

                 postponement will not be allowed.          

f)        The umpires for each game must be mutually agreed on and the scoring generally should be                      undertaken by members of the home and away teams alternately.  In cases of dispute before  the commencement of a tie, the visiting team shall have the choice of umpires. The umpire's                            decision upon any disputed point shall be final.

g)         At the end of the season, if possible, the two bottom teams in each division shall be relegated to the next lower division and the two top teams in each division shall be promoted to the next  higher division.  In the case of a tie on points by two or more teams, the team having won most     matches shall have preferences over the other or others. If this should not prove conclusive, then the team having drawn most matches shall have preference.  Vacancies occasioned by withdrawals at the end of the season may be filled before the commencement of the next     season by promotion from lower divisions, or by new Clubs reaching the required standard, at  the discretion of the Management Committee.

h)         In the event of an extra division being formed the Management Committee shall have the  power to relegate Clubs finishing in the bottom half of the last division, and the bottom four  clubs in any other division. 

i)          Without prejudice to the provisions in (c) and (e) regarding absentees and non-fulfilment of             engagements, at the termination of the season the following fines shall be imposed on the             Clubs of each team short of the regulation number of players as totalled in their matches      throughout that season:-        

Per tie forfeited

  0 – 9

No fine

Per tie forfeited

10 – 16

£  5

Per tie forfeited

17 – 23

£  8 in addition

Per tie forfeited

24 – 30

£10 in addition

Per tie forfeited

31 – 37

£12 in addition

Per tie forfeited

38 – 44

£15 in addition

Per tie forfeited

45 & Over

£18 in addition

            A team not fulfilling an engagement shall be deemed to have forfeited 10 ties.

            e.g. A team forfeiting 20 games is fined £5 + £8 = £13

                    A team forfeiting 40 games is fined £5 + £8 + £10 + £12 + £15 = £50

            A team may therefore play one player short three times during the season and incur no penalty.

9.         Registration

a)         Only players registered with the Hon. Divisional Secretary shall be eligible to play in any League match or Championship controlled by the League.  Each player shall pay a registration fee, as determined at the Annual General Meeting, plus any additional Table Tennis England

      and E.C.T.T.A. levies and shall be advised of the League Fixtures/Rules Book URLs by the

      appropriate Club Secretary.  Any team playing an unregistered player shall forfeit the games

      won by that player and, in addition, 10 points will be deducted from that team's points total for

      the season.

b)  Applications for registration must be received, with the appropriate fee, by the Hon. Divisional     Secretary at least one day before the players being registered are allowed to play.

c)   Any number of players may be registered but, where more than one team is entered from a Club, registration for each team must be clearly shown and a minimum of three players must

be registered for each team which will be entitled to play any member of a lower team under the following proviso; a member of a lower team can only play twice for higher teams i.e.

not twice for each higher team. On the third occasion a player plays up he/she will automatically become a member of that team and therefore cannot play up for any other higher team in the current season. No player will be permitted to drop to a lower team without the prior approval of the Management Committee.  Any team playing an ineligible player shall forfeit the games won by that player. In addition, 10 points will be deducted from that team's points total for the season.  No player may transfer from one Club to another during the season without the agreement of both Clubs, written authority from the Management Committee and  receipt of a further registration fee. 

d)  After 31st January registrations or transfers, of any description will only be considered at the             Committee's discretion.  A player cannot be registered for more than one team.

10. Results

a)  The Home team must forward a result card, signed by both Captains, to the Hon. Divisional  Secretary upon the completion of the match.  If no card is received within four days the Home team shall be fined £1-00.  It is the duty of the Home Captain to produce a result card and for both Captains to insert the names of their teams before the commencement of play.  Any dispute concerning the score card shall be dealt with by the Hon. Divisional Secretary.

b)   The falsification of score cards will be penalised by the deduction of 30 points.

11. Clothing

A player must wear regulation clothing and soft-soled shoes whilst playing in any match or competition controlled by the League.  Players in representative matches should wear royal blue shirts, Romford badge (if awarded) with grey shorts or skirt.

12. Individual Championships

a)         Entries for Individual Championships will only be accepted if the player has appeared in, at          least, 25% of his or her team's League matches up to the closing entry date of the        Championships.

            Proviso: This does not apply to players who are below the standard of their club teams in the       League.  In cases of dispute the decision of the Management Committee is final.

b)   In exceptional circumstances application may be made to the Management Committee for dispensation. Such an application is to be received at least 48 hours before the closing date of the Championship.

13. Rights of the Management Committee

 The Management Committee shall have the power to deal with all issues not provided for in  these Rules.

14. Emergency Sub-Committee

            The Management Committee shall appoint a sub-committee to act on its behalf in the event of      an emergency arising between Management Committee Meetings.  This sub committee shall consist of any three of the following officers - Chairman, Hon. General Secretary,

            Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Divisional Secretary.

15.       Norman Eastoe Handicap Cup Rules

All teams may enter this competition which will be played either on a knock-out basis or group system depending on the length of the current league season. If played on a Knock-out basis team captains will be given adequate notice of the first round draw. This, and subsequent rounds, will be played on the ‘Playing Night’ of the team drawn at home, as shown in the fixtures book.

Team captains will be sent the draw for each subsequent round together with the closing dates.

If played on the group system teams will be notified of the entire cup programme prior to the commencement of the competition. In cases where clubs have more than one team, a player may play in one match for a higher team and still be eligible for his own team in this competition. 

Appearances for a higher team in the Norman Eastoe Cup do not affect a player’s league status. In order to qualify for this competition a player must have played in, at least, 25% of their team’s league fixtures. Each team will be notified of their handicap prior to the start of

 the competition each season and this will remain the same throughout the competition. There  

 will be 9 singles ties consisting of 4 games in each tie. The order of play to be the same as

 league matches using the 11 up scoring system.

In the event of a points draw the away team will go through to the next round.

The score card supplied with the draw must be used.  

16. Claude Humphrey Cup, Cross Cup and Phyllis Lauder Cup Rules


These competitions shall be played on a knock-out system and are open to teams of players from Clubs in the Romford and District Table Tennis League. Only teams in Division l are eligible for the Claude Humphrey Cup. Teams in Divisions 2 are eligible for the Cross Cup and similarly Teams in Division 3 are eligible for the Phyllis Lauder Cup.  


Extra players can be registered until Christmas, with their names being sent to the Cup Competitions Secretary.


Players are not required to play in any ranking order.


All players must have played in at least 25% of their team’s league matches. If Clubs wish to use a player who has not qualified with the 25% rule permission must be obtained from the Cup Competitons Secretary even if he/she is weaker than the general standard of the team.


A player may play for a higher team, if it is in a different cup competition e.g. if a player is    registered for a team in the Phyllis Lauder Cup, he may if required, play for a team in the Cross Cup.


Teams shall consist of three players, playing 6 doubles and three singles matches, best of five games. Each round must be played to a finish irrespective of the score at any stage unless mutually agreed otherwise by the two captains.

Home Team to be A, B, C, and Away Team X, Y, Z. The order of play shall be as follows:-

AB v XY, BC v YZ, AC v XZ, BC v XY, AB v XZ, AC v YZ.

A v X, B v Y, C v Z.


A draw shall be made for each round which shall be notified to the Captains of the

surviving teams.


Throughout the League Programme special Cup Weeks are reserved for playing each round    including the Semi-Finals and Final.

17.       Cup Rules applying to all four Competitions

a)  Games shall be played in accordance with the rules adopted by Table Tennis England. The  

     method and conditions of play are, as appropriate, described in League Rules 8(c), (d), (e)  and


  b)  A result card, signed by both Captains must be sent by the Captain of the winning team to the Cup Competitions Secretary within 48 hours. Failure to do so may result in the match being declared void. 

c)         Matters arising from, or not provided for, by these Rules shall be dealt with by the Cup

      Competitions Secretary but, notwithstanding his or her ruling, any issue in dispute shall be

      referred to the Management Committee whose decision shall be final.

d)   A team which includes an ineligible player will be disqualified.

ADDITIONAL RULES: these relate to a number of queries received and are recorded here for clarification of the Table Tennis England Approved Rules of Table Tennis.

  1. Change of bat:-

‘’A racquet shall not be changed during an individual match unless it is accidently damaged so  

   badly that it cannot be used.’’

  1. Shielding of Serve:-

      ‘’From the start of the service until it is struck, the ball shall be above the level of the playing

        surface and behind the server's end line, it shall not be hidden from the receiver by the server

        or his doubles partner or by anything they wear or carry. As soon as the ball has been

        projected, the server’s free arm and hand shall be removed from the area between the ball and

        the net.

        It is the responsibility of the player to serve so that the umpire or the assistant umpire can be

        satisfied that he complies with the requirements of the Law and either may decide that a

        service is illegal.’’

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