I notified attendees at this year’s AGM that I will not be allowing agreed cancellations unless I have a date which is agreed by both captains before the fixture is originally due to be played.  I have been allowing these cancellations but as the workload now has become too much I must now make sure the correct rules are adhered too.

Below is the agreed cancellation rule 8. e. (iii).

“Whilst the above mentioned rules still apply it was decided that some relaxation was necessary and at the A.G.M. held on 24 June 2008 the following amendment was adopted for future use:

This rule allows every team to have one postponement in each half of the season.

Postponements must be agreed by both team captains and if agreement cannot be reached then the match must be played on the scheduled date.

In addition, the Divisional Secretary must be notified beforehand and confirmed by email or letter of explanation giving details of the agreeing captain and the new date.

If confirmation is not received by the Divisional Secretary, then the postponement will not be allowed. “  


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