At the Cranham Community Centre we have had our hours cut from a closure at 11pm down to 10.30 and now in the last few days we have been advised that we have to vacate the playing area by 10pm.  This does of course make it difficult to complete matches in that time.  Our time officially starts at 7.30pm when we have to follow the local brownie/guides activities but of course we lose time as they stroll out slowly and have the usual parent queries.

This has now forced us to play a selected number of matches dependant on the progress of the match on a second table in the same divided room.

We are hoping that visiting teams can accept that in the course of the evening they may as individuals play on two different tables which may be unsettling for some.

Committees are  continually being discussed and hopefully will change in the future.

Thanks in anticipation of your assistance and rest assured as normal you are all most welcome to Cranham in the future.


Author: via Romford Table Tennis League
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