Romford AGM Highlights Tuesday 22nd June 16

The Romford League held its' 2016 AGM at the Robert Clack Sports Centre on the 21st June (yesterday evening).
Highlights from the items discussed in what was quite a lively meeting are as follows;

1. Proposed Rule Changes: Two Rule Changes were received from members of the League. Changes to the Playing Rule and the Postponement Rule were discussed but after a vote by the Clubs present, both proposals were defeated.

2. Meeting to review the Havering Junior and Maylands Junior coaching club relationship.

It was felt that a closer relationship could be formed whereby both Clubs could benefit from the funds held by the Romford League. The AGM agreed to a meeting being convened with all involved parties to discuss the idea further. 

3. Electronic cards accepted on 1 year trial.

The Divisional Secretary (Dave Bowman) had commented on the number of late scorecards during the 2015/16 season. To help reduce the number it was agreed to trial the sending of electronic cards for the 2016/17 season. If successful, a formal Rule Change proposal can be submitted for inclusion in the Rules Handbook. Advice will be sent to all Clubs advising of the trial in time for the new season.

4. Postponed Matches.

Requests for match postponements must be agreed by the Divisional Secretary. In advance of contacting Dave Bowman both teams must have agreed the new date prior to postponement. A letter outlining rule will be sent by the Divisional Secretary so all Clubs will be made aware of the Rule.

5. STIGA plastic balls.

The performance of the STIGA plastic ball used during the season was discussed. A mixed response as to how well the new ball performed. Supplies of the ball are still available from the General Secretary (Colin Sherrin) at £3 per box. A new option is being investigated though. The KINGPIN plastic ball which is made by the same company that markets the Xusofar ball. The General Secretary will advise on whether there are any cost savings.

6. TT England proposed Individual Membership increase of fees from £10 to £12 Seniors and £5 to £6 Juniors.

The decision on whether to increase the IM fees for the new season will be decided at the TT England AGM scheduled for the 2nd July. The General Secretary will advise the League of the outcome.

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