Div 2 - 2nd Place Tie

Dear All

I am advising you all that the final placing for both teams, Mayland Green 6 and Trinity 1 in Division Two are shown on the 365 website incorrectly.

I am unable at this time to alter the table on the website due to the set up of the format which happened last September and is locked in.

It should be Trinity finishing second equal on points, wins but Trinity have drawn 4 games to Mayland g 6 3 games and that puts Trinity 2nd .

This is a rare occurrence that teams tie  and i will look in the set up on the 365 server league set up engine in more detail for next season if it can be set up to mirror our league rules on preferences when teams tie.

Team Sec’s and Captains please advise your players of this asap.

Kind Regards

All the best


Author: via Romford Table Tennis League
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