Mossford Parking Charges - FURTHER UPDATE


I appreciate the feedback and accept there will be challenging times ahead, however, please note although the ANPR system operating in the main car park (opposite the Norman Booth building) starts from Monday 9th January, the Jean Brown car park will still be free for a period of time (there is no confirmed date for when the this car park will managed by the ANPR system), so as long as your users park in the Jean Brown car park they will not be subject to any charges or have to pay any car park fees.  Your users will just need to remember that should they park in the main car park (opposite the Norman Booth Building) they will have to pay the appropriate car park charges.   I am sure on Matt’s return he will contact you and the team to discuss the options available to your users.  


To clarify the Parking cost position at the Redbridge Centre as far as we know it to date.

As far as we are aware it appears that there will be no payment machines on site to collect the fee,the assumption being that payments will be made electronically.

What this does mean is that when visiting the Centre with a vehicle and intending to park for 20 minutes or more,it will be necessary for you to go to the Reception desk and satisfy the registration procedure which the Redbridge employed staff will outline to you please.Any comments and/or complaints should be directed to the Redbridge Management.

Unfortunately if you do not follow this procedure you will leave yourself open to a £100 fine if your car is parked for 20 minutes or more.

We are extremely sorry to have to pass on this essential message to you but it is totally out of our control and we are doing our best to make you aware of the situation.

The actual payment for an evening match,assuming you arrive after 6pm is £1 per vehicle per visit of 20 minutes or more when playing midweek matches.Payments must be made on the day that you play

The parking rules come in wef 5th January 2017.

The only exception to the above is for pre registered Centre Members where different rules apply.

It gives us no pleasure to confirm that since Mossford only hires the facility,most Mossford Members are not Centre Members and are subject to exactly the same initial procedure individually as that outlined above.


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