2015-16 League and Rules Handbook

To all Club Secretaries Please download from the Links below

The Romford Handbook 2015-16_update_1.docx

Romford Rule Book_2015.docx

Rule 7. Fixtures and Rule Books

All fixtures shall be arranged by the Management Committee and distributed to Club Secretaries in an electronic format via an email file together with a URL link to the TT365 Romford web-site. The email file and URL link will provide/allow access to the following; a list of Club details, Tables for Matches Dates and Draw/Home Nights. The URL link will also allow access to the Romford League Rule Book. 

It will be the responsibility of Club Secretaries to ensure that all their members, playing in the League, are provided with either a printed copy of the Fixtures information or the URL so as to ensure players are aware they have a web access option. In addition, all players should be made aware of the URL link to access the Romford League Rule Book. Any issues being raised to the Committee as a result of lack of knowledge of the Rules will weaken that case for consideration by the Committee. 


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