Notice to all members:

The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Reading & District Table Tennis Association will take place at the Our Lady of Peace Club on Wednesday 6th June 2018 commencing at 7:30pm.

Please note: Each Club must have at least one registered player in attendance.


UPDATE - Proposals 11.1 and 11.2 were approved by the AGM.

Proposal 11.3 was not approved.



1. Adoption of Standing Orders (see RTT 16 07/04)
2. Apologies for absence
3. Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting
4. Matters Arising
5. Secretary’s Report
6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Development Officer’s Report
8. Special Competitions Secretary’s Report
9. Senior Inter-Town Match Secretary’s Report
10. Junior Representative & Junior Competions Secretary’s Report
11. Proposed Rule and Fee changes (see below)
12. Election of the President, and the honorary officers
    (i) President
    (ii) Chairman
    (iii) General Secretary
    (iv) Assistant General Secretary
    (v) Minute Secretary
    (vi) Treasurer
    (vii) League Registrations Secretary
    (viii) Publicity Officer
    (ix) Newsletter Editor
    (x) Special Competitions Secretary
    (xi) Senior Inter-Town Match Secretary
    (xii) Junior Representative & Junior Competitions Secretary
    (xiii) Trophy Secretary
    (xiv) Development Officer
    (xv) Handbook Secretary
    (xvi) Website Co-ordinator
    (xvii) Divisional Fixture Secretaries (5 for the main divisions and 1 for the youth divisions)

13. Election of the person to be nominated as ‘the Association’s League Representative Member of Table Tennis England’ (from the President and the officers)
14. Election of an honorary auditor
15. Any other business


11. Proposed Rule & Fee Changes

Fees - there are no proposals to change RDTTA fees for 2018/19.  (However there is a proposal to increase TTE fees which will be voted on at their AGM.)

11.1 Proposal from the RDTTA Management Committee

Amend Rule 12.12.4 to:  Should any blank spaces occur in the league structure (i.e. teams less than an equal multiple of the agreed number), then these spaces shall be spread over all divisions where possible, but with a maximum of three spaces in any 12 team place division. Alternatively the RDTTA Management Committee may authorise that all divisions have 6, 8, 10 or 14 team places with teams playing each other up to 4 times. Any spaces in any revised format shall be spread across all division where possible.

Note: Following problems over recent years in filling all team positions in division 1, ideas for solutions were sought from all players via the Newsletter and via an email to current division 1 and 2 players. The RDTTA Committee would therefore like the authority to structure the league into a format of its choosing, based on the number of team entries. This might includes 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 team places in each division with teams playing each other up to 4 times.

11.2 Proposal from the RDTTA Management Committee

Amend Rule 12.8 to:  Two points shall be awarded to the team winning most sets or one point each in the event of a drawn result. Alternatively the RDTTA Management Committee may authorise a system at the start of the season whereby points are awarded for each set won in a team match.

11.3 Proposed by Ian Cole

Add a new rule 12.2.9 as follows:

1. No  club  (or  player  from  the  club)  shall  directly  or  indirectly  induce  or  attempt  to  induce a  player  from  another  club. 

2.  No  club  shall  impose  any  restrictive  condition  on  a  registered  player  that  limits  free choice  on  joining  another  club.  The  rules  of  the  local  league,  county  league  or  national league  will  instead  dictate  any  restrictive  conditions.   

3.  Clubs  (and  players  alike)  will  actively  dissuade  discriminatory  acts  or  behaviour, whether  directly  or  indirectly,  on  the  grounds  of  race,  disability,  class  or  social  background, religious  belief,  sexual  orientation,  ethnic  or  national  origins,  gender,  marital  status, pregnancy,  parental  status,  age,  colour  or  political  persuasion. 


4.  Should  a  Club  or  registered  player  registered  with  the  league  be  found  to  violate  any  of the  rules  of  conduct  1  –  3,  the  Executive  Committee  will  be  at  liberty  to  take  the following  actions:

4.1.  Where  the  Club  has  full  knowledge  of  the  violation  and  has  chosen  not  to  take  action, the  applicable  team  will  be  suspended  for  the  remainder  of  the  season  and  any  league  points gained  following  the  violation  will  be  forfeited.   

4.1a.  The  Subject  of  the  violation  cannot  be  registered  to  play  in  the  Club  for  the  current season  or  the  following  season.   

4.1b.  Any  leagues  fees  applicable  to  the  team  or  consequential  loss  associated  with  the violation  will  not  be  reimbursed  by  the  league. 

4.2.  Where  a  registered  player  has  violated  the  rules,  they  will  be  subject  to  a  suspension  of their  league  membership  for  up  to  6  months.    Any  points  achieved  by  the  Subject  of  the violation  will  be  forfeited.  Rule  4.1a  and  4.1b  above  also  applies. 




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