2015 NOTES

Now we are halfway through the season I would like to give you all an update of our teams performances so far.  In division 1 the A team are lying 4th. Tony Palaczky has been performing consistently and new signing Justin Mead is rapidly regaining his form after not playing for some 18 years. Peter Martin is just about maintaining last years form.  Queens B have been having particularly tough time getting a team out each week. Fallon Thompson is hoping availability will improve for the second half of the season. Dave Joyce, Mike Jones and Fallon all have averages of about 25% and this should improve in the next matches.

In division 2 Queens F lead the way with Kam, Tommy Wan and Robin Burns playing most games. They are being pushed hard by Queens D even without the services of Bob Walker (bad ankle) and the team of Celia Hooker, Sue Purton and Nigel Cooper.  Promotion beckons for both teams if they can keep up their excellent results. Queens F with Roy Pike as captain are in 6th position. Nathan and Dan Rivett are both improving by playing better players and the ship is being steadied by Alan White and Colin Chapman.

In division 3 Queens G are lying 4th with Lorraine Mortimer(83%) sustaining the challenge. She is well supported by Bill Bavister and Mike Buley. Promotion may be difficult prospect as there are two strong Aldworth teams in this league.  Queens H team are in 7th position and with Hai Ling Huang playing more often this position will improve. Blanka Bimi and Peter Coppins are playing much better than results suggest. 

Queens J are lying next to bottom and they have been strengthened with George Freeman playing some matches. Newcomers Amanda Patton and Catherine Tait are finding the going tough but are enjoying the competition. Nicole Rogers has also played several matches and is improving all the time. Queens I are suffering due the quality of the league players currently in division 3.  The team of Linda Dumont, Jan Macdonald, Alan Fletcher and Tony Coombs are all having a difficult time. I can remind you that there is no relegation to fear so enjoy your matches.

This year has seen  an improvement in the quality in all divisions and this will probably continue next season.  George Hellens is doing a grand job with his coaching efforts and they are bringing more players to the club and into league teams which can only be good for the future. Keep up the good work. And to all players, enjoy the second half of the season and remember you are flying the flag for Queens which is by far the largest table tennis club in Basingstoke


Peter Martin



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