Members please note, that the monthly Bulletin will slowly be withdrawn

and all information normally on it, will now be displayed on the Web site.

Which I may say is looking very professional.

Thanks to all who have worked hard to implement and maintain it.

We will still continue to distribute items we think need to be seen, but more of a

News item rather than a regular Bulletin.

Are you happy with the website, if you have any improvement idea’s please

don’t hesitate to contact any of the Management Committee.

We would also appreciate any comments re the new handicap system.

Cup Matches week commencing 15thDecember

Results from all previous rounds can be found on the website

under ” information “ click on Cup competitions

Handicap cup :quarter finals

Jacobaeus A v Deepdae Lyons B

Astra C v Croston A

BAE A v Deepdale Lyons C / Garstang B

Kirkham B v GRYF A

Premier Div Cup

Deepdale Lyons A v Astra B

Garstang A v BAE A (already played Bae A won 6-3)

Astra A v GRYF A

Kirkham A v Ashton/URCL

Division 1

Riverside B v Riverside D

Riverside E v Jacobaeus A

Deepdale Lyons B v Astra D

Gryf B v Kirkham B

Division 2

Bae B v Croston B

Jacobaeus B v Croston A

Ashton MC D v Ashton MC B

Fulwood Meths v Astra

All Team Captains

Please note : some of you may have 2 games cup week, so if you want, with the agreement of your opponents bring the match forward, Team Captains should also keep in touch as games may not be on the home teams normal night. As always if there are any difficulties contact Tony or Andrew.

Also if you have any outstanding matches they could be played cup week.

Please contact Tony Rigby for table availability.

Also :. Can I ask you all to please take a little time and effort to ensure the scorecards are filled in correctly..

It’s only week 5 and we have had to contact a number of teams to sort out who has actually won.

It is a joint responsibility of the team captains to ensure they agree the card is correct so please have this conversation as we can only record what the card states. Thank you

Also could we all be aware that tables do not set up themselves or put themselves away after use.

Everyone needs to get involved and not leave it to the “same old faces”.

Matches are due to start at 7:30pm. So to ensure everyone gets time for practice tables should be set up at 7pm.

Thank You.

Andrew White MRC Sec

Friday nights & Mon COACHING

We have now stated our new coaching programme, we still have a number of vacancies,

so if you have or know anyone who may be interested please contact Tony Rigby or any of the Coaches.

Junior coaching (9 to 17 years old). Mondays 7pm until 8:30pm

Senior coaching follows 8:30pm until 10pm.

Fridays open to all: 7pm to 10pm

Senior coaching (mon) and especially Friday nights are not as popular as they have been.

Remember they are there for your benefit and for members of the public who would just like to come

and try it.

Please recommend it to your family and friends, as it is a healthy and enjoyable evening.

Behaviour at the Centre

We have had a number of complaints recently about a few players

who have been using offensive language during their matches at the Centre.

We need to nip this in the bud, so would all Team Captains make it their

priority to remind their players that this kind of language will not be tolerated.

Visit our Website at for information about the PTTA, League results, averages and much much more...

Also visit our YOU TUBE CHANNEL at to watch our coaching and information videos.

Tony Rigby


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