Divisional Two Cup Fixtures

These fixtures must be completed by the end of Week 6 or both teams will forfeit. Table availability will be shown on the notice board at St Augustine's.

Preliminary Round

No.     Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score
1Riverside F6Croston B3
2Astra F Riverside E 
3Gryf C7BAE B2
4Ashton MC E1Croston A8
5Jacobeaus C3Fulwood MC7


Round 1 WC 3rd October 2016 (Week 6)

No.     Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score
6UCLAN0Ashton MC C9
7Ashton MC D1Riverside F8
8Astra F1Gryf C8
9Croston A8Fulwood MC1


Semi Finals - Mon 20th March 2017

No.    Home Team      Score      Away Team      Score    
10Ashton MC C4Riverside F5
11Gryf C3Croston A6


Final - Wed 12th April 2017

No.   Home Team   Score   Away Team   Score
12Riverside F Croston A 
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