21.07.2012 Australian National Team practicing at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre, part of the UCLAN completx.

To celebrate Preston Guild and In preparation for London 2012, Preston Table Tennis Association lead by Jim Clegg organised an International Match between GB and Australia. This is practice footage of Australia at the Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre, owned by UCLAN in Preston.

If you watch this overview, and spot a player you'd like to study more closely, why not view the high speed footage videos of these players practicing. Australia were joined in their preparation by the USA team.

This event was supported by UCLAN, Preston City Council, the Guild Hall Preston and the ETTA.

21.07.2012 Australian Practice Overview - Preston, England

High Speed Videos 210 fps

Miao Miao serves and rallies with Jian Fang Lay

J Fang Lay serves and rallies with Miao Miao

Robert Frank practicing with Jens Lang - Australia's coach

W.Henzell's serve (not tomahawk) J.Han returns - play the point out

Close up of William Henzell's world famous tomahawk serve - play out point

William Henzell's tomahawk serve, Justin Han returns - play the point out

Close up of William Henzell returning Justin Han's serve - play out point

Justin Han serves, William Henzell returns - play out point

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