Success as Lancashire Junior and Cadet Trials

Lancashire Trials - Ranking Positions 2016-7

Well done to everyone who took part in the Lancashire Junior and Cadet trials. Hopefully everyone will have got something out of the event, win, lose or draw. It's all a learning curve and for those seniors in our league, keep looking over your shoulder because you'll be playing one of our Juniors or Cadets soon!

Special mention for Aakanksha Tirpanthy who finished ranked 2nd in the Cadet Girls category.

Below are the final standings from the event, and where a player plays in Preston, we've included their team name so you can look out for them throughout the season and give them help and encouragement.

Junior Boys:

Final PositionNamePreston Club
ExemptJames Chappell
ExemptAmirul Hussain
1Yameen Al Dahari
2Zac Cantor
3Daniel Olsberg
4Max Brooks
5Rhys Davies
6Stefan Schrober Thomson
7Tommy Kennedy
8James Neal
9Matty Rigg
10Josh LumbAstra C
11Oliver GarmstonRiverside D
12Ben McDonald
13Adam Ordonez
14Josh Parker
15Nick Wilson
16Brandon PepperGryf C
17Rashad Al Dahari
18Max Davies
19Steven Gao
20Ethan Barker
21Kade Pauley

Junor Girls

1Megan Dillon
2Sophie Newton
3Alice Dillon
4Rebecca Rigg
5Daisy Boulton
6Olivia Messon
7Emma Jordan

Cadet Boys

1Amirul Hussain (E)
2Matthew Rigg
3Alex Darlington
4Ben McDonald
5Toby Ellis
6Max Davies
7Callum Nolan
8Anupan Tripathi
9Alex ShuttleworthJacobaeus B
11Ben Strapps
12Sam Jeffries
13Ognian KostovGryf C
14Daniel Watkinson
15Robert Harry
16Nathan Faun
17Frankie McConville
18Taran Che
19Yuvraj ChhabraGryf C
20Ethan Barker
21Elliot Cooper
22Thomas Hurst
23Felix Anderson
24Ethan Walling
25Mark Hawkins
26Tom O'Brien
27Jack O'Brien

Cadet Girls:

1Alice Dillon
2Aakanksha Tripanthy
3Daisy Boulton
4Genevieve Holchacks
5Rebecca Rigg
6Adelina Gram
7Olivia Messom
8Zoe Grime
9Rachel Lister
10Eve Clement
11Isobel Jones
12Jessica Loxam
13Bethany Ellis
14Lexi Ball
15Alison Jordan
16Olivia Walling
17Anna Walsh
18Katie Smith

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