Successful Summer League Comes to an End

Thanks to the hard work of Barry Crook who organised the Summer League and dealt with requests for team substitutes ensuring no game was completed against an under strength side, the summer league came to an end on Wed Aug 3rd.

In the summer league each division consists of 6 teams. Each team plays other teams in their division once. At the end of that round of matches the bottom team is relegated from Div 1 and the top team in Div 2 promoted for the start of the next round of matches. Each team carries forward the points they won in the previous round of matches to give all teams a chance of survival and promotion after the next round of matches.

For those who don't take part in the summer league, it's important to remember that the Summer league is one of the few events that the league actually makes money from. Without it, the fees for the winter league would increase.  With that in mind, the league would like to thank everyone who takes part in the summer league for their continued support of table tennis all year round.

Winnes of Div 1 were Oceans. The 3 players playing most games for Oceans were Glenn Phoenix, Chris Nebard and Keiron Beswick. Oceans won the title from Heros by 18pts with Heros represented by Andrea Harrison, Nathan Nickeas, Paul Robinson, Dean Walmsley and Josh Lumb who rotated on a regular basis.

Winners of Div 2 were Slappers who won the title on the last night of fixtures with the matches going to their last games.  Slappers were relegated from Div 1 after the first round of matches and fought back from a gap of 43 points to win the title on the last night of fixtures from Wolves.  Slappers main players were Brian Oldfield, Adam Oldfield and Danny Johnston.  Wolves were represented by Sadiq Asmal, Ian Pemberton, GEoff Tweedie and Mick Mahon.

For more information on the Summer League results and averages which have been updated by Andrew White each week, please look under the Fixtures and Results tab.

Thanks to all who took part. We hope you enjoyed your summer league table tennis.

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