BREAKING NEWS - Preston Championships

Preston Championships

Sunday 8th March 2015 at St Augustine’s Table Tennis Centre Avenham Preston.


We can get into the building at 8:30am so if you are able to help be there for 8:30am

it would be appreciated as tables etc don’t put themselves up.

Remember until I am happy everything is set up correctly there is no practice.

Timings :

Junior and Veterans 40 + :

you are required to book in at 9:00 am for 9: 30 am start.

Handicap Singles :

Please sign in by 10:00 am.

Open Singles :

Please sign in by 11:30 am.

Over 60s

Will begin approx. 12:30 pm

The Open Doubles will commence approx : 14:30pm

Refreshments will only be available via machines and local shops.

Therefore we would recommend you bring your own.

Best of Luck in all events

I do not need to remind you that bad language and bad behaviour will not be tolerated..

If you have any trophies due to be returned, this would be a good time to return them.
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