Table Tennis England acknowledge work done by our League on their Facebook page

After discussions with Table Tennis England which have been on going since December, Table Tennis England posted part 9 of our video series on plastic balls -Plastic Ball v Celluloid Ball: Player Opinions After Match Play on their Facebook page.

This links on the back of guidance about the plastic ball which was  published on Table Tennis England's website earlier this week

In this video our league members, representing all 3 of our divisions, took part in a round of our summer league matches [if you want to enter a team in to this years summer league please contact Barry Crook] using both the Joola celluloid and Joola plastic balls and then gave their opinions about them. In particular

 - Did they notice a difference between the Joola plastic and celluloid balls 2:49
 - Would they change their equipment because of the plastic ball 7:16
 - Which ball did they prefer 10:04
 - Which style of play did they think the plastic ball suited 13:06
 - Did the plastic ball surprise them and are they happy with it 14:06

Table Tennis Englands Facebook page currently has 7898 likes which means each of these people will receive a notification about the video and hence our league - that's great exposure for us and should hopefully raise our leagues profile both throughout the table tennis community as a whole and importantly within the Preston area too, as we are constantly looking at ways to raise our profile and get people to try table tennis in Preston.

A BIG thank you to all those who took part in this filming. 

If you want to know more about the plastic ball, why not have a word with one of our players who took part about their experience. If you'd like a try with one of the joola plastic balls, come down to a Friday night social session and I'll let you have a knock with one.  It's also very worth while watching part 2 of our series "12 things you need to know before you buy a Plastic Table Tennis Ball" as companies like Joola, Butterfly, Tibhar etc sometimes buy the same ball from the same manufacturer but brand it as their own.

One word of caution, although the balls played similar, since filming this back in August 2014 I've found the two piece plastic ball we used in filming breaks much quicker than the celluloid ball. This durability issue should improve but make sure you know the date the plastic balls you are intending to buy were made. The ITTF have given manufacturers until Jan 1st 2016 to get these plastic balls right, so they are constantly evolving and the chances are the newer the ball the closer to the finished product they'll be.

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