Feature of the Week - Nieuwerkerkse Table Tennis Club

Feature of the Week: Nieuwerkerkse Table Tenis Club

What is Feature of the week?

It's easy to get wrapped up in our own league or even our own teams and forget the bigger picture.  So to broaden our horizons and maybe spot some best practices that we can share here back here in Preston, this is just a little weekly feature where interesting articles, videos or life from the table tennis community around the world can be shared.

This week's feature of the week is Nieuwerkerkse Tafel Tennis Club. Nieuwerkerkse is a Dutch table tennis club and was formed in 1957. Check out their website here to learn more about them, their league, what they do for their members and the competitions they run.

If there's

  • something you like the look of on Nieuwerkerkse's website,
  • activities that they run which you think we could also benefit from
  • information they share with their members
  • or anything else that you notice and like

why not raise it with one of our Committee members and see if we can do that too.

How to share a "Feature of the "Week"

If you find an interesting video, article, website and it's table tennis related, why not share it with the rest of Preston Table Tennis by contacting Paul Grayham at pathfinderpro@virginmedia.com. If we can, we'll update our website to share it with all our members.

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