League Rules 8 - 9


8. Players Registration


a. All players must pay their registration fees to Table Tennis England, before registering for a specific club and team. All such registrations must be in the hands of the Results Secretary no later than the 1st September. Once registered a player will remain a member of that club until any transfer is approved and all obligations have been fulfilled. Should a player not play in the previous Winter League, the player will still remain a member of that club.


b. No player may be registered after the first half of the season.


c. If a registered player has not played in the first half of the season, permission must be obtained from the Officials and Executive Committee, before being allowed to play.


d. Where clubs have more than one team, the A team will be deemed the higher team, the B team the second team and so on.


e. No player shall play in more than one scheduled league match in the same week on more than four occasions. No player can play in more than one league match on the same night.


f. A ranking, named the Bradwell Handicap Ranking, will be based on the previous Winter League season’s result with the number of qualifying matches being 4 or more. This ranking will determine the player’s notional team, with the top 3 players being in the A team, the next 3 in the B team and so on and 3 players must be registered for each team at all times.


g. Players wishing to play below their ranking will be tied to their specific team for the whole season.  New players and those with less than the 4 qualifying matches, will not be ranked and will be tied to their allocated team, but may be given a notional ranking in order to be able to play in the Bradwell Handicap.


h. Any member of a lower team, other than those playing below their ranking, may play for a higher team.


j. Any player who does not agree with their ranking can appeal to the Officers and Executive Committee, who decision will be final and no change will apply until a decision is made.


9 Player Transfers

 A player wishing to transfer to another club at any time must obtain permission from the Secretary of the current club and notify the Results Secretary.  The transfer will not be completed until all obligations have been fulfilled and approved by the Results Secretary.


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