League Rules 13 - 18


13. Postponements – Rearrangements.

a.     No postponements shall be allowed except when the venue is unavailable or adverse weather conditions or where a player is playing in a Potteries & District Table Tennis League completion.Where this is the case the offending team secretary must give at least 48 hours notice to the secretary of the opposing team, and must inform the Results Secretary no later than 12.00 noon on the Monday following the week in which the match should have been played. In addition by special arrangement where there are exceptional circumstances, but only with the agreement of both teams and all Officers of the League at least 2 weeks prior to the match date. Where a league game has had to be postponed for any reason whatsoever, and where the two respective clubs have referred the problem back to the League for a decision. That no decision is made unless representatives of both teams are at the League meeting when the decision is to be made.- Also the League must ensure that both clubs/teams are informed of the meeting date when the decision is to be made

b.     The home secretary should then offer at least two dates for playing the match, neither of which should clash with any Potteries and District Table Tennis League fixture / competitions. The dates offered must also be notified to the Results Secretary. These dates must exclude Saturdays and Sundays unless mutually agreed.

c.     The match must be played not later than the end of the fourth fixture week following the week in which the match should have been played. Failing which the Executive Committee will deal with the matter.  All matches must be played by the end of the week following the final fixture week. If this week falls as Easter week then a further week will be allowed.

d.     No rearrangements will be allowed without the mutual agreement of the two team captains.


14. Fines.

        All fines shall be paid to the Results Secretary within 21 days of notification of default. If not paid after this period the fine is doubled and after a further 21 days notice 2 points per fixture week will be deducted up to a maximum of 8 points after which the team will be withdrawn. Applications will not be accepted from any club that has fines outstanding from the previous season. A club whose application is received after 3rd July will be fined £1.00.


15 Protests.

a.     Any registered player wishing to protest on any grounds whatsoever shall   make such protest in writing, to be in the hands of the General Secretary within seven working days of the incident protested against taking place, after which time the protest shall not be considered.

b.     A copy of the protest shall be sent by the protesting club(s) to the club protested against within seven days.     

c.     Protests about inappropriate conduct or actions from a team or teams which might affect the standing of another, otherwise involved, team in the same division or competition may be raised in writing by the affected team’s secretary as soon as such a problem is recognised and certainly no later than one week after the end of the season or competition. Copies must go to the General Secretary and the Club(s) being protested against. In such cases the maximum penalty that will be considered is the removal or re-awarding of points.

d.     In the case of protests that are not upheld, the protester has the right to take the matter to the Staffordshire County Association.


16. Conduct.

        All persons involved in any way with the playing of Table Tennis in the League are expected to behave in a proper manner and in the spirit of sportsmanship. The Executive Committee reserves the right to impose a fine or take other suitable action for any deviation from behaving in the appropriate manner. Because these matters are so subjective, for any such action to be taken the Executive Committee must be agreed by no less than two thirds of those in attendance who are eligible with abstentions being counted as a vote against. 


 17. League Rules

       The league reserves the right to impose a fine or take other suitable action at the discretion of the Executive Committee for any breach of League Rules.


18. League Funds.

        The funds of the League shall be deposited with the HSBC Bank, Newcastle, Staffs, as a current account. All cheques drawn on such funds 

 shall be on the joint signatures of the League Treasurer and the League  President. This can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


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