After Week 12

With all the first half matches completed, the next 10 weeks will see fights for top honours in the Premier Division, with promotion and relegation battles being fought throughout.

Norton B hold the top spot in the Premier Division, but their own A team have the same points, but a slightly lower sets average. Top of the averages, still with a 100% record is Dave Savage from the Norton A team, but the strangled hold on the top 6 places, previously all held by Norton A and B teams, has been broken with Crewe Post Office’s Stephen stringer, coming in at 6th place.

Division 1 is led by Norton E, who are now 3 points clear of second placed MESC B, with the Norton D team a further 2 points adrift in third place. Top of the averages is Neil Colville from Bradwell F and Neil also has a 100% record. The Kidsgrove C and D teams are languishing at the bottom of Division 1, but Edy Barbatel from the C team is second in the averages with over 85%, followed by Paul Boumford from Fenton, Cyril Merriman from Norton E and Penkhull C’s Andy Smith, all on 75%.

There are three players in Division 2 all with 100% records. Two, Patrick Hall and John  Riley are both from the MESC D team currently topping this Division  and the other is Robert Warman from Norton K, who share the points in the top spot, but MESC D have a better sets average. These two teams are now 3 points clear of Norton J with MESC C fourth, but sharing the points with the Norton J team.

None of the top teams play each other next week, so should be able to ease themselves back, but too much Christmas Pud might be the downfall of some players. 

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