After Week 9

Although postponements are not allowed except for special reasons, this week, traffic problems caused chaos for the Crewe P.O. and MESC A game in the Premier Division, which had to be abandoned and this match will now  be played within the next 4 weeks. Room availability is another problem already causing problems with the Xmas period already in full swing, many rooms are being taken over for special events, parties and even low slung decorations create even more difficulties. If any team is faced with such conditions, please ensure you tell the Results Secretary, but remember all games must be played within the 4 week time limit. In addition, if any team concedes a match, please let the Results Secretary know – it is not the duty of the home team to claim it.

In the Premier Division, Bradwell A have boosted their chances with the return of Paul Myatt. The team failed to make an impression on the Norton B squad going down 2-8, but Paul took a three straights sets win over Chris Bailey, losing him his 100% record. This leaves Norton A’s Mark Evans and Dave Savage the only two players in the Premier Division with 100% records and next week sees the Norton A team playing hosts to their own B team and with both teams as yet undefeated and the B team having a slightly better sets average, it is the one to go and watch on Wednesday. Mark and Dave along with Brian Johns will take on Norton B’s team of Chris Bailey, Paul Malkin and Neil Hough and neither team fancies ending with a draw.

Norton E have taken over the top spot in Division 1 with a 7-3 win over Bradwell E, but the clash between MESC B and Norton D ended in a draw, Alan McDonald and Garry Holland each taking two sets for the MESC B team, but player of the match, Cyril Merriman, gained a maximum for the Norton D team. Norton E now have a 1 point advantage over the MESC B squad, who are two points ahead of the Norton D team. Neil Colville from Bradwell F still has a 100% record, although the team are languishing just above bottom spot and the draw with last placed Kidsgrove D didn’t help either team. 

The young Norton K team of Lucie and Molly Hancock and Rob Warman are leaping ahead at the top of Division 2 and beat their own H team, who were also looking for promotion by 7-3. Lucie Hancock gained a maximum and Rob Warman was player of the match also with a maximum, keeping his 100% record in this division. The loss pushed the Norton H team down into 5th place and it is MESC D who now take on second place, whose Patrick Hall and John Riley also both have 100% records. Norton H have another tough match next week when they play hosts on Thursday to their own J team, now holding the 3rd spot, while the Norton K and MESC D teams should have easier matches against those near the bottom of the division. Bradwell G had their first win of the season by 8-2 over Penkhull E, pushing them down into bottom place.

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