Sunday Night Training

Training is on this Sunday at Somerset Hall but it is from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. If everyone can still arrive at 6pm though that would be great to help us set up. Someone is in the hall until 6pm before us and two of us wont be able to set things up in 30mins.

Also we are moving our Sunday night training to Gordano from Sunday 8th October :) I am delivering our signed hire agreement to the Hall manager tomorrow. This is a very exciting development for the Club as we will combine the Club tables with Dave's tables to create a regular 12 table practice night. Dave will also have access to the Clubs tables for his own training nights so taken together everyone has access to three 12 table training sessions every week, Mon 7pm - 10pm, Fri 7pm - 9pm & Sun 5pm - 8pm. COME ON

We need to arrange the transportation of the tables between the halls so if anybody has got access to a van that we can use on Sat 7th Oct or Sun 8th Oct can you let me know. Ivan would do it for us but he is away that weekend. Cheers


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