Summer League Update

Attached here are the results in the summer league to date. At the point of posting this we have 5 more games to play.

Summer League 2017 Results Summary.pdf

Notable things so far.

The most team wins are from The Anchors 5 from 6 followed by The Destroyers 3 from 6. After Ahoy's win in their last game all teams have won at least one match.

Highest match points win is 9.5 - 1.5 The Destroyers v Almonds C and the highest team points score was 431 Ahoy v Civil Service D. This match also produced the largest winning team point margin of 62 points. 

The largest defeat was an 11 - 0 loss for the Dreadnoughts v Nailsea A and this game also resulted in our lowest team points score of 280 and highest losing team point margin of 98 points. Nailsea A however are a very strong team and one of the favourites to win the summer league this year.

Below is a graph that shows games won v games played per player

Summer League 2017 Played & Won.pdf

And the graph below shows the summer league averages

Summer League 2017 Averages.pdf

The averages can be a bit misleading as you have to view them in context of how many games people have played and also the handicaps are generous to some (me) and harsh on others. Steve D for instance who has played so so much better than his average would suggest. Steve has had to play with a high Div 1 handicap.

The other stat is that as a squad we have a 41% win average. At the AGM I will revel what the Club win average was for singles for the 2016 - 2017 winter league. Any ideas ? and do you think will be beat it in the 2017 - 2018 season ? we can certainly try :) COME ON





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