Quarter Finals Round

I am pleased to announce that nearly every Team has played their Second Round Matches of the Handicap Knock Out Cup / Plate Competition 2017-18. (See attached Handicap Fixture List and Table for the next round).

There are still 2 Matches which need to be played for Friday 2nd March to ensure these teams can go forward onto the Quarter Finals Round. These are marked on the Handicap Fixture List and Table as TBC.

As before, I will be advising all Team Captains and Club Secretaries of their Teams Handicap Points on either Friday 2nd or Saturday 3rd March.

I must also remind you all again that it is the responsibility of BOTH Team Captains (at the time of the match) to ensure that the Scorecard is readable, completed correctly and is sent in with 72 hours (3 days) of the match being played.

Please email your Completed Handicap Scorecards to this address: - padtta.fixturessecretary@gmail.com.

Please make sure if you have to postpone a Handicap Match that firstly you make sure you inform myself of this, secondly that match may not be postponed beyond the Friday of the week preceding the next round.

Second Round must be played before Friday 30th March 2018.

Handicap Knock Out Com 2017-18 - CUP 21.02.18



Handicap Knock Out Com 2017-18 - PLATE 21.02.18


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