Important Notices

Winter 2018-19 Fixture Changes

To all Club Secretaries, Team Captains and Team Member, Please make sure you check you Fixture Lists and Tables for the new Fixtures.

As Division 1 are playing each Team in their Division 3 times. Where Division 2, 3 and 4 will be still be playing each Team in their Division 2 times.

Fixture Table 2018-2019 Div 1.pdf

Fixture Table 2018-2019 Div 2-4.pdf

Pauline Williams :

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Club Information for 2018-19 Season

I have put together a whole list of Club Venues, Team Start Times and Home Night all on the same document.

All of the information is what I have been supplied with from each Club.

Please use this info to inform you Clubs and Teams until I get the Website Glitch fixed.

This can be downloadable if you want to.

Club Information for 2018-19 Season.pdf

Pauline Williams :

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Revised Fixture List 2017-18 Version 2 as of 20th Sep

Team Captains that are in Division 3 and 4 need to be aware of these changes.    

This revised Fixture List only effects Teams in Division 3 and 4.

Teams that are in Division 1 and 2 are unaffected by the revised Fixture List.

Fixture Table 2017-2018 - V2 20.09.17.pdf

Pauline Williams :

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Fixture Table 2018-2019 Div 1-4
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Future Fixtures
Hampton A vs Lovells

Source: Division 1

Hampton F vs Whittlesey A

Source: Division 2

Hampton E vs Warboys A

Source: Division 2

Huntingdon B vs Whittlesey C

Source: Division 3

Source: Division 4

Whittlesey B vs Whittlesey C

Source: Division 3

Rearranged: Reason Not Known