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Here are a few suggestions for the league for next season. We all know that there are great difficulties and problems to be faced and overcome in the next few months not just in table tennis but in life in general.

As for last season, division 2 was not completed and the league table as at the lockdown date should be the final table; no promotion or relegation unless a team requests it. There will hopefully be some presentation evening and AGM if possible, but in the meantime I propose that in the interim, an emergency committee of Pat Duffy, Peter McIntyre and me try to organise the league for next season, subject to the players' approval.  Chris Boler has intimated he will still keep the website updated.

We do not know at the time of writing when Bell's will be open for business as usual, and I do not see us having the space under current regulation for the usual 6 tables; at present doubles will not be allowed in leagues so our present two a side set up needs looking at; here are some suggestions;

1. teams play four singles only, estimated time of matches 60-90 minutes.
2. teams play three a side; 9 singles games, estimated time of matches; 2 - 3 hours.
3. teams play 3 a side BUT, the order would be, A,B,C home , X, Y, Z away; A v X, B v Y, C v Z, A v Y, B v X; two players in each team play two matches, the third, only one.

Estimated time of matches 2 hours, as at present.

It MAY be that the league next season, 2020-21, will NOT happen.

Depending on the number of teams and players available, may have an influence on your thoughts.

Jim Fleming has intimated he has retired from Trophy Convener; any volunteers out there??

I really need your feed back on this and would also welcome other proposals and suggestions.

Please reach out to Ian who will take any suggestions forward. 



Home; 01382 775507

Address; 531 Balunie Drive, Dundee DD4 8UR


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