Senior Top 10 Competition

The inaugural Top 10 Senior Competition was held at the Forum TT Club on Sunday 21 February. Bartek Duleba and Maria Lebedeva were clear winners of the men's and ladies' competition, both being undefeated in their respective sections.

This was a new event specifically aimed at providing a competition for Oxfordshire's top players in the 18-40 age group. Players were nominated by the three local leagues in Oxfordshire.

In the men's competition, the initial part comprised two groups of five players competing in round-robin format. Players then went through to a play-off competition to determine the final placings.

The top group of four players comprised Bartek Duleba, Neil Cartwright, Pawel Jaskolski and Charlie Lane. Four tight matches ensued. Charlie Lane secured a fine win over Pawel to secure third place. The scene was then set for a decider between Bartek and Neil. This was an excellent final match with a high standard of play with Bartek emerging the winner.

The ladies' competition was held on a straight round-robin basis between the five nominated players. Maria Lebedeva emerged as clear winner following convincing wins against all her opponents. Joanna Mellon battled consistently to secure the runners-up slot.

Final Placings


1. Bartek Duleba (Ox)

2. Neil Cartwright (Ox)

3. Charlie Lane (Di)

4. Pawel Jaskolski (Ox)

5. Matt Davies (Di)

6. James Lovelock (Di)

7. Michael Harrison (Ba)

8. Chris Smith (Di)

9. Simon Nolan (Ba)

10. Charlie Somerton (Ba)


1. Maria Lebedeva (Ox)

2. Joanna Mellon (Ox)

3. Cigdem Karabulut (Ox)

4. Vicky Coll (Ox)

5. Nikki Francis (Ba)

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