Here are some guidelines on the IM procedure for 2018/9. This is TTE's Individual Membership scheme, which you need to follow in order to become a registered player - you are then nationally registered and can play anywhere. The fee levels are: juniors £8, seniors £16. Licences (only needed by players regularly taking part in Open Tournaments) are £19 and £38 respectively. ASSOCIATE members, i.e. those who do not play competitively, are FREE, yet will still enjoy the benefits of membership, including Public Liability insurance.

Go to the TTE web-site here. Click on Membership, Register or Renew, or follow the link here. You have to proceed either as an existing or as a new member. If you’re an existing member, your details will already be on the system from last year, so you must RENEW your registration, not set up a new one. You will need to enter your ID (membership number) and your password, but the system does allow for those who have forgotten either or both of these. If you are a new member, follow Player Membership, Register or Renew on-line.  

At the bottom of the form, there is an ORGANISATIONS section, asking you to nominate both your club and your league from drop-down menus. All our clubs are now listed on the drop-down menu. You need to quote OXFORD as your league. This is particularly important for players already registered with TTE, who are new to the Oxford League. We have no way of checking on your membership, unless you add Oxford to your stated leagues.

Those who do not wish to register on-line should phone TTE on 01908 208898 and pay with a debit/credit card – this is a simple process. A further option is to pay by post to TTE, but this may take some time to process.

If you have any problems with any of this, please contact your club secretary or get back to me, as I am an administrator for the ODTTA data-base and can easily check your records on the system. You can also contact the TTE membership team at:

Deadlines: all players must be registered with TTE in order to take part in league matches. On-line registration is recorded on our data-base instantaneously, but payment by phone may be subject to a delay of up to 10 days, while any postal applications might take a good deal longer.

John Birkin (ODTTA database administrator)



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