Todd Stanmore and Vicky Coll at JBL

Todd excels for Kingfisher

Final records, 2018/9


Todd Stanmore                   Kingfisher                  20                   14                   70.00%

Todd, who celebrated his 13th birthday in October, came out as 2nd best player in Boys Division 3B on the percentages for the whole season, an exceptional level of performance for his age.  His team, Kingfisher, finished 3rd on countback.


TS JBL 002


Vicky Coll                               Wensum 3                16                   9                      56.25%

Vicky was 11th/23 players in Girls Division 3, the leading player for her team, Wensum 3, which finished 3rd, one point behind the top two.

VC JBL 003



VC JBL 006


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