Kiarash leads youngsters home

The trials went well on a best of three double group format, with 14 players all engaged in close competition, but can hardly be taken as firm evidence about the season ahead, as some players were nowhere near the level at which they ended last season.  Nevertheless we do seem to have four younger players catching up or overtaking the three older boys who finished 3rd in NJL last year, leaving us potentially with two strong Division 1 sides, however we choose to arrange them. Kiarash was undefeated, even getting the better of Todd; Ollie also impressed, while Rafe, much improved, could go a long way with his excellent technique. A little further down the rankings, Robbie showed just why he has had such a high percentage in the Didcot League.

 Finishing Positions

1                 Kiarash Shaddel

2                 Todd Stanmore

3                 Ollie Keen

4                 Lewis Waddup

5                 Rafe Fleming                                            

6                 Ryan Hambridge

7                 Jamie McNeil

8                 Bertie Anstis

9                 Robbie Greenfield

10              Luke Plowman

11              Arthur Anstis

12              Vicky Coll

13              Jack Smith

14              Scott Campbell                                     

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