Todd in top ten Under 13s, Reece 15th in juniors, 5 players in top 100

UNDER 13 BOYS: Todd Stanmore 9

CADET BOYS:  Todd Stanmore 41, Toby Dow 238, Cooper Whitford 289

CADET GIRLS: Pelin Karabulut 57

JUNIOR BOYS: Reece Chamdal 15, Kiarash Shaddel 196, Todd Stanmore 201, Rafe Fleming 235, Jamie McNeil 385, Cooper Whitford 481

UNDER 21 MEN: Reece Chamdal 32

SENIOR MEN: Reece Chamdal 95, Elson Costa 303

VETERAN MEN: Karl Bushell 101, Andy Misseldine 174, Elson Costa 191, Pascal Larousse 249, Neil Hurford 281, Chris Lansley 332, Anders Markvardsen 333, Nigel Taylor 372, Jason Tustain 373, Paul Rowan 498

VETERAN WOMEN: Janice Rowan 101, Sharon Curtis 107

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We have Janice Crompton at 9th in 70s Ladies,

Janet Brown at 20th in 60s Ladies.


Janet Brown


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