A team get 2 points at North Fire

to play top of the league North Fire.

Mike beat Karen Henry in four ends and Neil scraped a win against Karen in five ends after falling quite a way behind in the fifth end to scrape a much needed two points. Mark had some flashes of brilliance however couldn't quite nail any points. The home team were more consistent and gained the upper hand in most of the matches. Frustrating as a lot of the matches are close but we still find it difficult to convert them into wins.

We can claim excuses as the conditions at North Fire's venue aren't the best for us; although the room is large the ceiling is quite low and the lighting is appalling with having great difficulty seeing the ball once it was away back from the table.

Man of the match was Mick Bull for North Fire, very good gamesmanship yet again from him to unsettle his opponents.

Hopefully in the next few games we can gain the points to push above either Matfen or Riding Mill to avoid the single relegation spot due to Seaburn Dene retiring from the league.

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