A team slump to another heavy defeat

Mike, Mark and Neil visited the Old England pub last night to face Alan, Lynne and Jake's Team of the Old England Jacks and despite all their best efforts suffered a heavy 9-1 defeat with Mike the only person picking up a win. It was a frustrating night as the results show that in some of the games it could've gone either way with Neil losing two of his games in the 5th end and the scores showing that we just seem to be struggling to have the killer shots to pick up the wins. Lynne Herrington played very well to take Man of the Match and Jake made some amazing blocks and hits in his match against Mark to take the win in the final game of the night.

Thankfully we've hit the christmas break where hopefully we can pick up a bit of confidence and consistency in practice to help pick up the points to keep us in the first division going into 2016, as the form we are all showing at the moment we just aren't quite good enough. To be fair we have come quite a long way in a relatively short period of time to make it into the much tougher first division where there are a lot of very good players.

match card here

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