Dear Oldham & District Table Tennis League Members,

we have a couple of updates.

  1. Uppermill A have withdrawn from the 1st Division and all previous results have been removed and future fixtures are now blank weeks. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  2. Radcliffe A & B have been withdrawn from Division 5 and we are working with the 5th Division to create a new structure that will most benefit the Division and the development of players/teams.

Now, the League Structure:

In the 2nd to the 5th Division, you will see that the season ends earlier this year in the fixture list. Do not worry, it doesn't. The committee wanted to try something different this year and so, we will be splitting the Divisions at the 18 game point in to 2 halves. 

  • Team 1-5 will play each other again
  • Team 6-10 will play each other again

This results in more games and hopefully a competitive end to the season.


  • 1v5
  • 2v4
  • 3rd will have a blank week the first week of the split

Then second week of the split:

  • 4v3
  • 5v2
  • 1 will have a blank week

This is just an example but will result in more games for the division.

A few points on this:

  • The most wins and averages will stop at 18 games, before the split, and will be calculated at that point
  • 1-5 can fight for promotion
  • 6-10 will battle to stay up that season

More information will come, but just an FYI so far.

Thank you,


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