Weekly report WC 26th November

Oldham & District table tennis League – article w/c 26th November

We start in the 1st Division, last season’s runners-up vs 3rd place: Saddleworth A vs Honyewell Lane A at Honeywell. Sam Clayton, Darryl ‘Darry’ Meredith and Simon Hardwick for Honeywell vs Jacob Reilly-Cooper, Sophie Newton and the returning Andrew Tarpey for Saddleworth. Darryl and Sam picking up 3 wins each and combining the win the doubles in a great game that had brilliant shots from both sides but just some absolutely beautiful counters and returns from Darryl and Sam. Simon Hardwick incredibly unlucky to have lost 3 for Honeywell. His game against Jacob was a game that deserved to end on something other than a net or an edge. Sophie Newton proving that she has the class to be at the top of the 1st Division in seasons to come with some fantastic tactical play. Gary ‘the chair hopper’ Newton struggling to decide who to support: his own flesh and blood or his team mates. He didn’t keep a chair warm all night. 7-3 the result to Honeywell A.

Fresh off his 3 glorious wins over Saddleworth A last week, Alex Darlington took his Unison B team to battle against the team of Birley Moss: Kyan Chin, Miles Benjamin and Naz Ahmed would hopefully put up more of a fight that Saddleworth did and boy, did they. Kyan Chin first up for Alex, 11-8, 16-14, 11-8. Alex taking Kyan close in each game. Naz next: 11-5, 11-3, 16-14. Alex finding the class of Naz a little tougher than Kyan – not many players would question that anyway. Oh, hi Naz. Alex battling in 4 with Miles last, which oddly had the same scores as the doubles match. 11-9, 11-13, 11-8, 11-7. Miles finding his form again to take his average to 2 wins out of 3 every week. A 10-0 result for Birley Moss to keep their charge for the title up.

Next up, probably the most naturally gifted player of this writer’s generation, Matthew Evans and his Saddleworth B side took on Hollinwood B at Saddleworth and walked away 8-2 victors. Matt winning 3, dropping 2 sets on the way, Paul King keeping up his brilliant form with 3 wins too. Matt and Paul didn’t convert the doubles into a win, which is very unlike them. Paul Hutchinson and David Jefferson winning in 5, 18-16 in the 5th. What a game. Well done.

The last game for the 1st this week was Hollinwood A vs Honeywell B. Alex and Matthew Shaw bringing the Christmas cheer from Halifax to Hulme Grammar, and walking away with 3 wins each against the team of Sophie’s Dad, Matthew Kelly and Stuart Meredith. Alex has been playing incredibly well in Halifax and he has brought that form to Oldham. Is he a dark horse for the Oldham Championships? Matt and Alex combining to win the doubles in a 7-3 victory.

In Division 2, Stanley Square showing that you don’t need a player to win three to win a game, with Glen Chadwick and John Robertson winning 2 each and the doubles, with Steve Mather winning 1 to make Mark Simpson the MOM with 3 wins for Uppermill A in a losing effort. Mark, you can put the award on the fridge however, we are still proud of you.

Honeywell Lane C took on Grotton A, Bob Bent, Pete Fowler and Terry Taylor playing with a combined age of *number redacted* against the slightly younger team of Steven Oliver, Pete Morris and Dave Morris in an 8-2 victory for Honeywell. Bob winning 3, Pete and Terry winning 2. Pete Morris being the resistance for Grotton with 2 wins himself.

My new favourite team due to the addition of Steven Hathaway, Deaf Club A made the crazy decision to drop the man, in an 8-2 victory for them against Honeywell Lane D. Chris Hall winning 3, Ian Cockcroft and this writer’s bogey player, Dave Varney winning 2 each in the win. Howard Travis playing well for his 2 for Honeywell.

Alan Sheppard winning 3 for Honeywell E in an 8-2 victory over Hyde B. Sadly, Hyde only had two players that were playing for points, guests not counting. Lee Rowbotham also claiming a maximum.

Joe Redikin gets another mention in the weekly report, with 3 wins at home to Unison C for Hollinwood C. Him and Ian Gerrard winning 3, Ian claiming the POM on this occasion. The ranking bandit Chris Whitehead winning 2 to top off the 8-2 victory for Hollinwood.

In Division 3 now, Deaf Club B battled to an 7-3 victory over Owls A. When I say battled, only 3 games were won in 3 for either team. With four 5 setters and three 4 setters. Owls winning one of the 5 setters. Could things have been different for them? Gordon Jennings, who is third in the division averages, winning 3 and the POM award. Well done.

Unison E next, Kiane Woodward gets a mention for his first wins of the season, one of those coming from 2-0 down to win 11-6 in the 5th set. Well done, Kiane. Angelo Robles and Jamaal Akhtar winning 3. Jamaal going to 12th in Most Wins with his three. Unison ended the night 9-1 victors. Angelo POM.

Uppermill B faced Gilders, with Gilders the favourite to win. 6-4 was the result to Gilders, Howard Needham taking the Mark Simpson award, the POM with 3 but on the losing side. Mark Craven and Martin Nicholls winning 2 for Gilders.

The ranking bandit returned to our results page with 3 wins in the 3rd Division against Honeywell Lane F for Hollinwood D in a 10-0 victory. Sasi and John Foster winning 3 for Hollinwood too. This game being played early in the week. It marks Chris’ last game in the 3rd Division as he now has too many wins in a team above.

Coldhurst A vs Unison D brought an 8-2 victory for the away side of Unison. Jimmy Findlow winning 3 and the POM, with John Maher and Michael O’Gara winning 2 for Unison to back Jimmy up. Well played, team.

In Division 4, Denshaw B faced the ever-improving Pollards B side in a 7-3 defeat. Pollards all winning 2 each and the doubles. Simon Alcock picking up the Mark Simpson award for his team with 2 wins and the POM.

Owls B faced Hollinwood F in a game that had six 3 setters. Hollinwood coming away with the 6-4 victory. Andrew Bickley dropping only 2 sets on his way to 3 wins and the POM. Well played, Andrew.

The last game to report on: Hollinwood E faced Denshaw C in a strong game. No game going past 3 sets. I think all involved wanted to get home and watched I’m a Celeb. Hollinwood winning 9-1. Thomas Anchor the only resistance put up by Denshaw.

A great week again. I look forward to seeing the results from next week.

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