Match cards and other matters

For attention of all team captains - Matchcard completion /cancellation of matches/ playing up

As with previous seasons there are a variety of ways to get the matchcards to me once you have played your match, and Just a reminder that matchcards should be with me within 6 days of the match being played - see rule 11-match arrangements in the handbook.

So, you can, if you so wish, spend some money on a stamp and post it to me  - please ensure that if you are using old matchcards that you amend the address to my new address as shown in the handbook.

Alternatively, the great majority of teams take a photo of the card with their phone and either text it or e-mail it to me.If you do this can you make sure you have cleaned the lens and the image is clear to enable me to input the results on the 365 website. My mobile No is 07952522548, and e-mail is

Also would all team captains be aware of the rules with regard to cancellation of matches, i.e. a match can only be cancelled if the venue is unavailable - not for a lack of a full team. (Rule 11 - match arrangements)

In the event of a team playing short of players then in line with rule 13 teams in div 1 are allowed 1 match playing short with no penalty, Div 2 -  2 matches playing short with no penalty, and Div 3 - 3 matches playing short with no penalty.

Players may play up from a lower division, for one team only, and if they play 4 times up, then an automatic transfer would be invoked. (|Rule 15b).

Any queries with regard to the above, then please contact me.

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